What Women Are Saying About Elevated to Excellence events

The following are some comments from our attendees.

“Thank you E2E you are exactly what I needed!”

“I’m free! Praise God, I’m free! Thank [God] for my healing; the pain is gone, my future looks so bright. I love you ladies!”

“Thank you so much for opening the word to me in such a way that God was able to minister to my soul.”

“I’ve been able to recognize the value of and calling on my life. It has also stirred my passion to encourage other women with the same truth.”

“ I love the openness and realness of all of the speakers – Thank you for all being Jesus with skin on! Love you all!


“Really enjoyed the day and all the speaker were great. I know many of the women who attended so I know many of the speakers “hit home”. God is good.”  Brenda


I have been on path not listening to the “red flags”. Thank You”


“It was wonderful to just receive – loved the diversity of the teaching styles and testimonies – Shiloah was amazing”


“Very inspirational knowing that others are going through similar issues”.


“I love you ladies! You always have a timely word for us. You Rock!”


“In the short time of knowing about the group it has given me such a hope and joy for what the Lord will do in my life.”


“Inspiring women are needed in life to move forward with our very own walk with Jesus.”