Sons of the Congo

Sons of the Congo a ministry dedicated to transforming men into champions of change in Congo. Sons of Congo is a movement of healing that transforms men into influential leaders… champions for their families, churches, government and nation.


Responding To A Tragedy


The Democratic Republic of Congo is In the midst of the worst humanitarian crisis since WWII… 1,100 women are raped daily and UNICEF declares the country as the worst place to be a woman or child. That is why Sons of Congo believes that men are the key to change in Congo. The nonprofit reaches men through the power of radio – Africa’s main communication channel – to form weekly discipleship groups.

These Radio Clubs gather leaders of men, men in the church and men with guns (military and police) to engage them in conversations on taboo subjects like sexual violence. Through ongoing discussions, these leaders are turning the cultural tide to live out courageous hope for a new generation of boys and men.

In 2007, a group of Congolese and Americans began to dream with God to reach the hearts of men in Congo. By 2009, they were meeting with political, church, military, police, international and local nonprofits leaders on the ground, solidifying their devotion to the cause. Returning to their respective homes, they collaborated for a year to write discussions and radio programs devoted specifically to Congolese men in their language. When the Radio Clubs launched in early 2011, they hoped to reach 500 men. Within months, more than 6,000 men had been reached and more than 5,000 of them were participating in ongoing men’s discipleship groups. Sons of Congo is primarily led by Congolese in Congo and California.

Along with Congolese churches, community leaders and chaplains in the military, police, prisons and schools, they focus on the root causes of men’s issues. The hope is that as men engage in discipleship relationships, they will be empowered to deal with present situations, reconcile the past, and prevent the future recurrence of problems. As a transformed man becomes a voice of change for others, in turn, his children, family, community and country are transformed.

Elevated to Excellence has been asked to come alongside this ministry to help in ministering to the women of the Congo as they respond to God and the transforming work of God in the lives of the men of this nation.